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Roof Guardrail Hire

Do away with traditional scaffolding and use our roof guardrail hire for a more cost-effective, engineer-approved protection system for your worksites. Our rails come in various styles to suit your specific construction project and have all been tried and tested in a laboratory and on worksites. Our 100% Australian-made and owned product takes up less space than traditional scaffolds, is set up easily, and taken down as quickly. Choose Simply Safer Handrails and increase the protection of your workers.

Types of Roof Edge Protection Hire We Can Provide

We offer several options to help tailor our product to your construction site’s requirements. Here are the types of safety rails you can expect from us:

  • Pole System. Our most popular option is the Pole System, which we designed and built for use with single and double-story homes. These systems extend from the ground and provide safety rails on roofs. This system can also accommodate our Solar System extensions.

  • Plank System. Specifically designed for use during the installation of gutters and fascias, this easily adaptable system provides a walkway for your workers to use on the job. You can use this with our Pole System to simultaneously provide rails and a walkway.

  • Solar System. These handrails come in two shapes and are specifically for use during the installation of maintenance of solar panels. These rails are small sections to cover only the width of the working area instead of the entire length of the roof. We offer the 600 All-Thread Single Storey option or the Pole System that accommodates both single-storey and double-storey installations.

  • Handrail System. These systems provide handrails that you can add to walkways on your site. Additionally, it comes with clamps that allow for the joining of these rails at walkway corners.

  • Barge Gable System. We have two types of Barge Gable systems. First is the Barge Gable One Pole System, which you can use over a gutter or fascia on a barge, gable, shed or home. Second, a Barge Gable System that clamps to a fascia, barge, or fascia under a gutter.

  • Clamp System. Specifically designed for use with small or large eves, these systems clamp to the home’s rafters. You can also clamp these to parapets, box gutters, or tilt panels.

  • Tile System. Made for use with tile restoration or installation, these rails screw into the timber under the tiles so you can work around it and uninstall it quickly when necessary.

  • Shed System. Suitable for small or large sheds, these rails provide a safety rail for use with solar installation or other forms of roof work.

Why Our Roof Safety Rail Hire

Our safety rail hire provides accessible, easy-to-install solutions for various jobs. Whether you’re working on a shed, installing solar, replacing roof tiles, or replacing gutters, we have a rail for you.

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