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Roof Safety Handrails

Handrail system 600 all thread single storey 

used on reroof 

used on new homes 

used on sola used on tile or tin roofs

Used with timber or metal facia

With our roof safety handrails, you can enjoy safe working environments at a fraction of the setup time. These handrails work for single-storey projects and can be used on reroofing, new home construction, solar installation, and tile or tin roof installations. You can also use them with a timber or metal fascia.

What to Expect From Our Roof Handrail Systems

Our handrails have proved effective since their creation on many worksites. From price to flexibility to ease of installation, here are some in-depth details on what to expect:

  • Engineer-Approved Safety. Our rails undergo strict testing to make sure they provide the necessary level of reliable safety to those working around them. It provides a sturdy barrier that can resist a large amount of weight to help reduce the odds of accidents.

  • Intricate Design, Simple to Use. One of the key reasons our products work is that they are simple to install and uninstall. Compared to the time it takes to set up traditional scaffolds, our products will save you time and frustration.

  • Modular Approach. Our handrails can accommodate several worksite types due to their modular designs and ability to connect. Whether you want a simple, straight handrail, or one that bends around three different corners, we can put it together for you.

  • Rent or Buy. Sometimes you only need the product for a single installation at home, in which case you enjoy our rental service. Alternatively, if you run worksites and know you’ll need to use them regularly, we happily support your purchase with advice.

Install Your Safety Handrails Today

Get a quote from our team to buy or hire our systems and meet safety requirements on your projects. Our products are all engineer-approved, laboratory and worksite tested, 100% Australian-made and owned and meet all necessary Australian standards.

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