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Roof Edge Protection for Construction Sites

Occupational health and safety are very important in Australia. The Code of Practice for the Prevention of Falls in General Construction sets clear guidelines when working on a roof, whether for repairs, cleaning, installing solar panels or new construction.

A perimeter fall protection system must be installed —

  • Where the potential falling height exceeds two metres, including roofs of single and double-storey houses and buildings of similar or greater height.

  • When concrete, semi-glazed or glazed tiles or metal deck roofing materials are present.

  • If the roof is wet, oily or in any other way slippery, especially if being cleaned, and

  • Any other situation where there is even the slightest possibility of slipping and being injured by falling off the roof.

Our roof rail edge protection systems are engineered for your safety and are approved by the Australian standards authority to comply with current occupational safety regulations.

The Advantage of Simpler, Safer Handrails

We are in the construction business ourselves, and all our roof edge protection systems are rigorously field tested on each job we do. This has allowed us to perfect our product’s sturdiness and refine the ease of installation and removal by non-engineers.

  • The railing system can be fluidly applied and doesn’t restrict access to the roof, allowing for the convenient placement of ladders and the passing of materials between the roof and ground. It has almost zero footprint on the ground, meaning the roof edge protection system won’t damage beds and shrubs.

  • We offer a universal pole system that can be used with most types of buildings, a clamping system specifically beneficial during the construction of timber homes and a system designed for tile roofs where access from the ground is restricted. The initial cost of the roof rail edge protection system can be recouped within a year compared to the cost of renting traditional scaffolding.

  • Simpler Safer Handrails is 100% Australian, always using locally sourced steel and labour to manufacture our roofing guardrails.

Our approved roof edge protection system will be a boon to your roofing, cleaning or solar business, keeping your workers safe and concentrating on their jobs.

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