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Temporary Roof Edge Protection

Based on our 70 years of experience, Simply Safer Handrails has the answer for builders, solar system installers, electricians, plumbers, roofers and tilers to work safely and securely on existing roofs. We have developed a fully certified system for temporary roof edge protection. Our products have been fully tested to comply with Australian standards, giving you peace of mind to do your work.

It all began when we identified a need on our projects for handrails to enhance on-site safety as well as being flexible enough for any job, big or small. Proudly Australian, our products are manufactured in-house, laboratory tested by an engineer and tested for on-site functionality in our own business. Our cost-effective temporary roof edge protection systems are easier to install and dismantle than traditional scaffolding, speeding up your projects significantly.

What Is Temporary Roof Edge Protection?

Temporary roof edge protection is required when working on any roof where it’s reasonably practical to minimise the consequences of a fall from height. These measures range from guardrails to handrails as an important temporary safety barrier when you need access to a roof. Unlike roof safety lines, such temporary roof fall protection systems do not require workers to wear harnesses.

Our products are easy to install and adjustable for different roof pitches and buildings with or without eaves. Downtime during installation is minimised as you only need to put it up when it is needed, and it can be taken down as quickly afterwards.

Code of Practice

It is important for the local building industry to ensure proper and safe work practices. The WorkSafe Victoria Code of Practice calls for fall protection systems when there are potential falls from heights over 2 m. In addition, the Occupational Health and Safety Act also promotes best practices for all builders or subcontractors regarding on-site safety.

Edge fall protection is mandatory under the following circumstances:

  • When working on roofs where the construction height is one or two storeys or the potential fall height is similar.

  • When using semi-glazed or concrete tiles on any roof.

  • When using clean and dry glazed tiles or metal decking.

  • Where the roofing material may be slippery due to moisture or oil on the surface or other conditions.

  • Any other circumstances where a risk assessment reveals an unacceptable risk of injury due to a fall from height.

What We Can Do for You

If you have any enquiries or would like a quote, talk to us about how we can ensure you keep your workers safe when working at height. Installation is a cinch, meaning the work is completed quicker. Simply Safer Handrails is your answer for added safety and productivity.

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