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Roofing Guardrails

Working on a roof is dangerous, compounded by the task challenge and weather conditions. Adequate safety precautions are paramount, and various systems exist to protect tradies from serious falls. Our roofing guardrails are a cost-effective method of ensuring occupational safety on all roofs, conforming to engineering and legislative requirements.

The Benefits of Roof Safety Guardrails

Once you’ve used our guardrail system on a project, you’ll appreciate the benefits it brings to your work. Owning your guardrails, instead of hiring, will allow you to get the preliminary preparations done quickly and focus on the real job, which is a great benefit for roof cleaners and solar panel technicians.

  • Roofing guardrails allow more freedom of movement, especially around the building, by removing the bulky obstruction of scaffolding. The psychological advantage of guardrails will be appreciated by workers, as they will immediately be less concerned about keeping track of the edge of the roof, allowing them to focus more on their tasks.

  • The installation of roof safety guardrails is a quick task for workers familiar with the system. The overall design is lightweight and attaches to the building, requiring a minimal installation of self-supporting struts and access points.

  • We use the standard 25mm square tubing for our barrier rails. These steel tubes are available anywhere in Australia, which gives you the benefit of purchasing lengths according to the current project requirements or easily replacing damaged sections without being locked into a proprietary system.

Various Systems of Guardrails for Roof Safety

Roofs are not all the same, nor are all projects, which is why we have developed various guardrail systems to ensure artisans’ safety on any type of roof. All our systems are designed by a qualified engineer and approved by the Australian standards authority.​

  • The pole system is the most versatile option for roofing guardrails. A steel pole from the ground is used to wedge the railing bracket in place underneath the roof overhang. This method is suitable for single and double-storey buildings.

  • We manufacture a clamping system, which is ideal for new timber houses during construction. The guardrail bracket clamps to the exposed wall beams for the duration of placing the roof onto the building. The system is designed not to damage the beams or weaken the construction.

  • A special system for tile roofs is also available. The benefit of this guardrail system is that it can be used effectively on complex roofs where a different approach than the pole or clamping system is necessary. Its attachment is slightly more intrusive and bolted onto the roof beams.

Quickly reduce the preliminary setup time for roof work by using our approved guardrails for occupational safety. Simply Safer Handrails is 100% Australian.​

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