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Scaffolding Fall Protection

Scaffolding fall protection is an important safety measure when working at height in the building and construction industry. Scaffolding provides a stable platform for workers on-site. It is part of the building industry’s general obligation to ensure a safe working environment that is as risk-free as reasonably practicable.

Contact Simply Safer Handrails for all your requirements for scaffolding fall protection, including roof edge fall protection. We are a proudly Australian company with a range of local products that are locally manufactured and tested, and successfully applied on projects both big and small.

What is Scaffolding Fall Protection?

Roof edge protection scaffolding is put in place to prevent a worker from falling from a height to a lower level and being injured. The scaffolding creates a barrier around the roof of a building to prevent such falls, as well as any materials being dropped from a height that can injure people walking below.

Such roof edge protection is essential when work is undertaken on a roof structure or surface or when there’s a need for temporary access to a roof. As roof work is far removed from ground level, the risk of falling is much greater.


The Occupational Health and Safety Act requires that roof edge protection be erected if there is a risk of a worker falling 2 m from any flat edge such as scaffolding, stairs or landings. In addition, the Working At Height Association (WAHA) governs safe working practices and safety equipment for the industry.

What We Can Do for You

It is important to contact a professional like Simply Safer Handrails for cost-effective, flexible and effective solutions for scaffolding fall protection. We have 70 years of experience and a proud track record of safety and innovation in the building and construction industry.

We offer the following benefits for your peace of mind that you have a safe work site and workers are protected at all times:

  • Standards compliant: We adhere to all necessary Australian safety standards, which means you get the correct scaffolding solution for the job at hand.

  • Extensive equipment: We cater to different projects and industries with a quick turnaround and effective scaffolding fall protection.

  • Regular inspection: We ensure that our scaffolding fall protection is installed and dismantled quickly and safely for reduced downtime on your project.

  • We are happy to discuss the most effective installation of any scaffolding fall protection you may need. Our experienced staff will assist you with a best practice solution for time-saving and flexible edge protection services, so you meet your project programme safely and on time.

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