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Simple to install and fully adjustable to allow for different roof pitches and for buildings with or without eaves.


Saves you considerable down time as it is installed by you when you need it and removed by you when it is no longer required.

An Australian Invention, Keeping You Safe.

Simply Safer Handrails is a forward-thinking and cost-effective alternative to hiring scaffolding for Builders, Solar System Installers, Electricians, Plumbers, Roofers and Tilers. This is the perfect system for anyone who needs temporary roof barriers, edge protection or safety railing to work on existing roofs.

Based upon our 70 years’ experience we have developed a fully certified safety system to enable Roofers, Plumbers and Builders to work at height on existing roofs, both safely and with the freedom to utilize the system whenever it is needed.

Our systems have been fully tested and certified to have proven compliance with Australian Standards and enable you to work freely and effectively.


We are proud that we have been able to develop and sell a system that allows businesses to be in control of their projects. Businesses can normally expect for the system to pay for itself within a year of purchase from the savings of scaffolding hire charges alone.


Safety is important

Under the current WorkSafe Victoria Code of Practice, any potential fall from a height greater than two meters perimeter fall protection systems must be installed.

The Domestic Building Industry is now being closely monitored to ensure correct and safe work practices.


Any Builder or Subcontractor not complying with the Occupational Health and Safety Act may incur major penalties.

Perimeter Fall Protection is required in the following situations:

  • Work on roofs of one or two storey constructions or situations with a similar potential fall height. 

  • When concrete or semi-glazed tiles are used on any roof.

  • ​Where dry/clean fully glazed tiles or metal deck roofing materials are used on any roof.

  • On roofs where surface moisture, oil or other conditions may make the roofing material slippery.

  • ​Other situations where the risk assessment shows an unacceptable risk of injury should someone fall.

Our equipment is not for hire

For more information, please contact us for any questions

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