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A  qualified Plumber for over 40 years.



A qualified Boiler Maker and Welder for over 40 years.



How did you get the idea for Simply Safer Handrails?

It all started when we built the handrails to suit our own job needs, whilst still meeting the safety requirements. We were sick of hiring scaffolding all the time, so we came up with this idea and developed it to suit any job, any size.


What do you love most about your product? 

We love the safety, reliability and ease of use! It is easier and cheaper to use, install and dismantle than traditional scaffolding.  


Where do you do your manufacturing?

Our manufacturing is all done in our factory in Mildura, a large country town in Northern Victoria.  


Is your product Australian Made and Australian owned?

Yes, 100%. That has always been an important part of our business model.


How did you go about testing the usability of your product? 

The handrails were tested in a laboratory by our engineer. The handrails were then tested for functionality by us in our own trade businesses as well as other local roof workers in Mildura.


Do you need assistance to put up the handrails? 

The handrails can be erected by one person however for ease, we recommend two people. 


Is your product officially recognised and approved in Australia?

Yes, our handrail system has been certified by Engineer Malcolm Gallash and is approved by the Australian Standards. Our product was created in 2012 and approved in 2013.


Do you deliver?

We certainly do, all over Australia! 

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